Graced with possibly one of the most awkward band names ever, in a scene that’s already abundant with dubious, pun laden band names, melodic punk rockers Who Nose have been fucking up since 1998. Starting out in high school, shredding through university and raging on into grown up life it’s too late now to change their name; they wouldn’t want to confuse both fans, now would they? Besides, who says you can’t be successful with a crappy band name? Ask Fred Durst.

After 2000’s ‘Off The Record’ and 2005’s ‘Once Again We Sing These Songs Of Failure’, the band now returns with a new demo EP entitled ‘Will Play For Beer’. Recorded in the soon to be infamous Papercut Audio recording studio in Tilburg by Roel Vennix, the demo highlights three brand new melodic punk pop hits. Jos en Pepe are once again sharing vocal duties while trying to hit the right guitar strings, Peka is having as much trouble as ever to remember how to play the songs on his scrape-away Ibanez bass guitar and Maarten is trying to become the first man in history to be 50% nanotechnologist, 50% father of two lovely, diaper shitting daughters and 50% punk rock drummer.

The new demo EP is available for free digital download through the band’s website www.whonose.net for anybody that’s faintly interested or socially obliged. After a quiet, sabbatical- like period due to academic careers, family planning and plain passiveness, Who Nose is now recharged and as ready as ever to rock your socks off!

So don’t hesitate to invite them to play at your venue, local festival, mother-in-law’s birthday party, orthodox wedding or Southern European camp site. Oh, and what’s best: Who Nose Will Play For Beer!

Who Nose is:
Maarten van Weert – Drums
Paul Könst – Bass
Jos Zijlmans – Guitars & Vocals
Paul Pullens – Guitarts & Vocals

+31-6-46333533 / +31-6-50937622