Will play for beer

1. Fire
2. Unwritten
3. Serene Renegade
Produced by Who Nose, October 2011; recorded, mixed, and mastered by Roel Vennix at Papercut Audio Tilburg (www.papercutaudio.nl).

Once again we sing these songs of failure

1. Once again we sing the song of failure
2. Goodbye
3. Don't hate you
4. Ten days of radio silence
5. Wish
Produced by Who Nose, March 2005; recorded, mixed, and mastered in October 2004 by Bigmouth Studio Nijmegen (www.bigmouth.nl).

Off the record

1. The Story Of Mr S
2. France
3. Bubblegum
4. Dickhead
5. Bakerstreet
6. Trendy Man
Produced by Who Nose, May 2000; recorded, mixed, and mastered in February 2000 by Dré van Logten in Dreyfuss Recording Studio Elshout, Martin Stritzko plays saxophone on Bakerstreet.